Can’t blog, writing.

Well, not just writing, a fair amount of everyday living is also being done and hurray for that as the alternative (not living) would totes* be a drag.

At the moment, the Devourer of All the Time in the Universe  is our project to renovate and make our house eco-friendly with a teeny-tiny carbon footprint. Soooo, combine quite a bit of DIY with job and family  and a wee bit of proper, writing, writing and there aint much time to tell you the colour of my belly button fluff or how difficult the Difficult Second Book is (s’difficult, FYI).


The rather fab Victoria Hooper @VickyThinks on the Twitters and blogger extraordinaire  has tagged me in a meme thing. So, just to prove that I haven’t been abducted by aliens or buried in the dining room foundations** I thought, why not? let’s do this thing! So here goes.


1) What quality/talent do you admire most in a writer?

Bull leaping. Actually, that’s a talent I admire in anyone. Specifically writers? The ability to drag me into a book with their prose and keep me there to the end. I’m an airhead and must be gripped lest I float away.


2) If you could pick any character from a film, TV series, book, or game to give a piece of your mind to, who would it be?

It would have to be FitzChivalry from Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy ( Seriously, I could shake him. Well, not literally — he’s as hard as ten bastards in a sack, and might very well rip my arms off should I accost him. But yes, it would have to be Fitz for being a great character, so terribly human and (IMO), annoyingly wet.


3) What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Why, that would have to be smoked salmon, the bright orange queen of sandwich fillings.


4) Mary Sues… just misunderstood or really annoying?

Marty Stu and Mary Sue can go in peace as far as I’m concerned. I’m not bovved by either.


5) If you could live in any country besides your own, where would you live?

Italy, the Eternal City specifically. Don’t get me wrong, I love La Serenissima, but I love not wet feet unless I’m in the bath. Although…now that I think about it… I do love Crete in Greece. Running around Gortys, Knossos, and Phaistos, walking in the footsteps of goddesses and heroines…does it get any better? Ah, but then there’s the lure of the brownstones in Brooklyn in vibrant, loud, all-you-can-eat, great coffee land. I think what I’m trying to say is that anywhere you can feel the Genius Loci of a place —its living, beating heart— gets me all excited and I want to find out its secrets and could happily spend several lifetimes doing so, dragging my children and much put-upon spouse behind me.


6) What’s the most meaningful thing that’s ever happened to you?

Define meaningful really, innit? It could be getting married, having sprogs, falling down a mountain(TF); any number of BIG things. So I’m gonna pick a ‘wow’ moment at random and that is…Star Wars. Yes, really. It blew my tiny, underdeveloped, child mind. I cried after watching it. I desperately wanted to live in a galaxy far, far away. Growing up in Shipley, I could relate to a farm boy who lived on the furthest point from the centre of the universe. It was a real Milan Kundera, Life is Elsewhere moment: an existential smack in the chops that left me bereft and changed forever.

From that moment on, I was a nerd.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried (and I did try), I never manifested any Jedi powers.


7) Present tense in fiction… like it or loathe it?

It would depend  on the story and the l33t (or not) skillz of the scribbler.


8) An author is going to write the story of your life. Who would you like it to be?

If it please you, I would like it to be a collaboration between Monsieur Voltaire and Miss Jane Austen. The material might only suffice for a slight work, a novella at most, but I am satisfied it would, at least, be amusing.


9) Think of your favourite book. Got one? Now, what would that book be if it were an animal?

Do I have to say what it is? Is this a magic trick…? I don’t have one book to rule them all I’m afraid, so it’s gonna have to be a ‘one of’ my favourite books (there are many). And so, in this case, it would be a Peregrine Falcon.


10) Flame powers or water powers?

Flame on, baby!


11) Recommend me a favourite song! 🙂

One of my current favourites is Linkin Park’s I’ll Be Gone from their album Living Things


*Totes ironical usage, innit?

**Never do DIY/building work with your nearests and dearests, not when you’re tired and there are sledgehammers around. It can get…tense.


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  • Vicky Hooper says:

    Great answers! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about Star Wars actually, it made a big impact on me too. I would LOVE to visit Crete and Italy, they’re two of my big biggies that I must visit one day. Now, off to listen to that song. 🙂

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