News about Breed

So I asked the wonderful publisher Adele at Fox Spirit Books If I could take back the rights to my novel Breed, and she agreed.

That line encapsulates so much more that those few bald facts, but, in essence, that’s what happened.

I’m going to self-publish Breed and Breed 2 and The Red Knight and The Golden Hart and a bunch of other stories — pretty much everything else that I write, for the foreseeable future.

These things I know:

Some people won’t give a rat’s ass

Some people will think it’s the wrong thing to do

Some people might cheer (for many and various reasons 😉

And some people will go wee, wee all the way home.

But there it is. I am going to give it my all. I am going to work hard; I already have worked damn hard this year. Ghost writing has taught me a lot. I know that I’m a good writer, that I can produce content to deadlines, that I am flexible, and capable of writing in more than one genre. (FYI, my rates are reasonable, discretion assured 🙂

There’s a sign-up for a mailing list and free stuff which is currently a Breed short story detailing events that led up to Breed having to steal a sapphire from a dragon. If loads of people sign up I’ll do a giveaway of something funky. I’ll also be putting up the first chapter of Breed 2 before Christmas.

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