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The Deal


‘There is something quite exhilarating about headlong flight. Fear of the unknown is forgotten when that which is behind one is far more dreadful than anything that may lie ahead. It’s liberating, like being a child again, although I was never chased by a dragon when I was a child.’ – Extract from ‘The Deal’ by K.T. Davies

Follow the intrepid exploits of a half thoasan thief as it  is forced to strike a deal with a pen-stealing imp.

It’s a strong first story, filled with wit and strangeness. I get the feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the half-demon protagonist either, at least I certainly hope not. – Starburst Magazine

The Deal appears in the dark fantasy anthology ‘Day of Demons‘ from Anachron Press

Day of Demons - The DealDay of Demons is a collection of powerful stories featuring the conflict of demons and humans over the course of a day.

Read how one woman’s inner-self awakens to unexpected and frightening consequences, or how a charismatic half-breed thief is forced to strike a deal with a pen-stealing imp. Read about a mother as she struggles to cope with a deadly, satanic bargain, and a sword-wielding anti-hero as he returns out of exile to face his demonic fate.

Nine stories, nine demons, nine authors. From fantasy, to horror, to contemporary fiction, this anthology will fright, delight and grip you with tales of daring-do, danger and of course — demons.
Day of Demons is available on Kindle from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

The paperback is available from Lulu International.

For More Information and Reviews head to Anachron Press

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