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The Last Hunt

‘Morgan had heard enough. Before he’d given it much thought the dragon fang dagger was sticking in the bar, vibrating quietly.’ – Extract from ‘The Last Hunt’ by K.T. Davies

Morgan Keel and his band of pleasingly disreputable mercenaries are on a dragon hunt when they meet the redoubtable Sister Yenza.

 I can’t think of a better way to round things off than with this final hunt. – The Eloquent Page


I do have to mention the final story by Karen Davies though as it finishes the anthology so perfectly. – Tony’s Thoughts


The Last Hunt appears in the  ‘Tales of the Nun and Dragon‘ anthology published by Fox Spirit.

Come, rest your weary bones, draw a flagon and hark to the tales of Nuns & Dragons, of bravery and steadfastness in the face of mighty and implacable foes. Settle down and indulge yourself in wild flights of fancy brought to life by your fellow travellers.”

Tales of the Nun and Dragon - The last hunte


Tales of the Nun and Dragon is available on Kindle from Amazon UK and Amazon US.


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