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The Red Knight

The Red Knight

A thousand years have passed since the Clan Lords and the Fey commanded dragons and raised mighty citadels. The remnants of their ancient power lie dormant and a new conflict threatens the kingdom of Antia…

King Daris rules a peaceful and prosperous land, but his conniving brother Jerim covets the throne and civil war looms.

But there are worse threats to Antia than mere human greed.

Two people will stand against mortal and demonic enemies: Alyda Stenna, Captain of the Hammer of Antia returns from campaign to a hero’s welcome after prosecuting war abroad with brutal efficiency.

Garian Tain, the spymaster’s apprentice, hunts for an assassin through the streets of the capital while the knights bask in the adoration of the crowds.

This is just the beginning.

Both will fight overwhelming odds in a bid to save the kingdom. War and betrayal will test them to their limits. One will rise; one will fall; both will be changed forever.



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Reviews of the Red Knight

Starburst – ‘The Red Knight by K.T. Davies, knocked my socks off…. Davies is a talented storyteller who can quickly immerse the reader into a world that seems so real you can almost hear the clash of swords and the crunch of bone…. This is a smashing debut, and a very refreshing and exciting read… 9 out of 10’


The Eloquent Page  -‘Davies displays a natural talent…  I was drawn in from the first page.  Recommended reading…’


Tony’s Thoughts –  ‘I was left wanting to read more…. this book provides all the action you could want…  ‘


Excerpt From The Red Knight

Alyda roared a warcry as the 1st smashed into the rear of Trevisa’s cavalry. The air was ripped from her lungs by the bone-jarring impact. The high cantle of her saddle groaned, but she kept her seat and drove her horse, —a huge, ill-tempered black called Lyco—into the flank of an orange caparisoned mount and its rider. The Suvian horse crashed to the ground screaming. Lyco trampled the fallen beast with uncommon fury and crushed its skull into the dirt with his massive hooves. An arm reached up from beneath the dead horse and clawed the air. Alyda brought her sword down in a slicing arc. The arm fell away.

All sound merged in the roaring tumult of battle. It was a terrible song, composed of screams and the clash of steel. The Hammer played the tune well. Alyda glanced to her right. Her second, Kieran Lorhine, was hacking a path through the Suvians with controlled savagery. On her left, Nev Vysten, one of the Company heralds, was smashing in the side of a knight’s head. Just as it should be, thought Alyda, as the Hammer and the Anvil schooled the Suvians in the brutal art of war.

Alyda wheeled her mount. A Suvi in a swan-crested helm plunged from the melee and charged her. She smiled and drew back her sword. When Swan Helm was a stride away, Alyda nudged Lyco sideways and swung her blade at the knight’s head. The speed of his charge doubled the power of the blow. His visor creased beneath her blade, his head snapped back, but he didn’t fall. Cursing, she snatched his horse’s reins and dragged its head round before hitting him again. Her sword rang against his helm. He swayed, but somehow the bastard managed to stay in the saddle. Infuriated by his stubbornness, Alyda dropped the reins, grabbed a wing of the gilt swan on his helm, and yanked the flailing knight towards her. He thrust out blindly, but only succeeded in slicing his horse across the withers. The animal screamed. Alyda wrapped her arm around the knight’s neck and smashed him in the head with the pommel of her sword until blood ran through the breathes of his crumpled helm. When she let him go he slid from the saddle like a boned fish.

Before she had chance to catch her breath, an axe winged out of the chaos and ripped her sword from her hand, narrowly missing taking her fingers off. Alyda felt a flutter of panic. She ignored it, and looked for her attacker. There. The Axe thrower was wearing a garish yellow surcoat, patterned with black chevrons. She flicked Alyda a curt salute and drew her side sword before spurring her horse at Alyda. She looked like a wasp; coming in sword raised, ready to deliver a fatal sting. Alyda didn’t panic; this wasn’t the first time she’d lost her sword during a battle. As the Wasp Knight roared towards her, Alyda reached down and grabbed her right spur…

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